Special update

Special wild food harvest update

I am in the Mid West NSW working with farmers.
We have plenty of wild fennel seeds, briar rose hips, fat hen shoots and peppercorn berries.

Let me know if you want any. Orders by tomorrow afternoon, delivery by Wednesday.
Email your orders to shop@wildfood.store


Wild Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare
Young green seeds, sweet as, form the Mid West, straight from the farmer’s gate


Briar rose
Rosa canina
This fruit contains 7xtimes the vitamin C of fresh oranges. It taste shrap and sweet. Not much flesh but very flavoursome


Peppercorn tree berries
Schinus molle

Amazing colour, amazing aroma. Sweet. peppery, bright, just glorious.


Fat hen
Chenopodium album

This is one of the oldest food, much appreciated in India, old Europe and America. We have plenty of it.