The State of the Wild – April 3-16


It’s getting colder! The first mushrooms are starting to pop up, get ready for them. In the meantime grab the last of the lillipillis.

Send an email for pricing. Orders by Tuesday night, delivery Thursday.


Seasonal offerings:

lemon myrtle smll.jpg

Lemon Myrtle leaves –

Backuosia citridora
Fresh leaves, full of flavour, great for

infusing or as herbs with fish.
50g 600ml punnet


Wild fennel –Foeniculum vulgare

Plenty to offer, sweet and fresh young seeds.
25g 600ml punnet

Sea lettuce.jpg

Sea lettuce – Ulva lactuca

Now available in 150gms punnets, straight from the sea shore.

150g 600ml punnet


Peppercorn berries – Schinus molle

Now available. Floral, spicy, colourful.

Excellent addition to drinks and as a garnish with a strong profile. Delivered in 25g punnets or contact for bulk quantities.

scurvy weed.jpg

Scurvy weed – Commelina cyanea

Native green, much appreciated as a vegetable in the early days of the colony.

35g 600ml punnet

Farmers friend croppd.jpg

Farmers friend- Bidens pilosa

Plenty to offer fresh young shoots.

Perfect for that twist on salsa verde.

35g 600ml punnet


Rambling dock – Acetosa sagittata

Plenty to offer fresh young shoots. 25g 600ml punnet



Magenta Liilipilli – Syzygium paniculatum

Due to the recent rain this year magents lillipillies are just amazing, super juicy and plum. I have been delivering bulk quantities to some special custumers and this will be the last chance to get your hands on it.

Available in 200gms punnets or 600gms bags.