The State of the Wild February 7-20

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All of the produce is sourced within 40 km of Sydney CBD.

We are partnering with farmers further afield to work out suitable produce to bring to the table. Keep following us and support the journey towards resilient food systems.

Seasonal offerings:

lemon myrtle smll.jpg

Lemon Myrtle leaves

Backuosia citridora
Fresh leaves, full of flavour, great for infusing or as herbs with fish.
50g 600ml punnet


Wild fennel Flowerheads

Foeniculum vulgare

Plenty to offer, at the moment sweet and falvoursome.
25g 600ml punnet


Rambling dock

Acetosa sagittata

Plenty to offer fresh young shoots. 25g 600ml punnet

Farmers friend croppd.jpg

Farmers friend

Bidens pilosa

Plenty to offer fresh young shoots.

Perfect for that twist on salsa verde.

35g 600ml punnet



Artemisia vulgaris

Amazing flavour for this infusing plant. For your cocktails, stews or why not, have a go at making vermouth! 35g 600ml punnet

scurvy weed.jpg

Scurvy weed

Commelina cyanea

Native green, much appreciated as a vegetable in the early days of the colony.

35g 600ml punnet


Fat hen

Chenopodium album

Young shoots. Great looking greens that would lift your plates with a hint of old time flavours.

35g 600ml punnet

See here for information about this amazing vegetable, staple food for thousands of years in Europe and India.


Wild purslane

A wonderful native, enjoyed all over the world fresh in salads, stewed and served with meat or as stuffing for fish just to say a few.

150g 600ml punnet