The State of the Wild – May 29-June 11


I reckon that was it for the pine mushrooms in Sydney. Plenty of other wild possibilities out there though. Read on>

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Wild Olives
Olea Cuspidata

Small, flavoursome wild olives. To be brined and used as the commercially viable ones.

Plantago coronopus

Much loved in mediterranean cousin as a salad green and known as Erba Stella.

Available now and through to summer as leafy garnish. Stunning look, nutty/greens taste, crunchy texture.

Regular offerings:

lemon myrtle smll.jpg

Lemon Myrtle leaves –Backuosia citridora

Fresh leaves, full of flavour, great for

infusing or as herbs with fish.
50g 600ml punnet

Sea lettuce.jpg

Sea lettuce – Ulva lactuca

Now available in 150gms punnets, straight from the sea shore.

150g 600ml punnet


Peppercorn berries – Schinus molle

Now available. Floral, spicy.

Excellent addition to drinks and as a garnish with a strong profile. Delivered in 25g punnets or contact for bulk quantities.

scurvy weed.jpg

Scurvy weed – Commelina cyanea

Native green, much appreciated as a vegetable in the early days of the colony.

35g 600ml punnet


Rambling dock – Acetosa sagittata

Plenty to offer fresh young shoots. 25g 600ml punnet