The State of the Wild Sept 27- Oct 10

The State of the Wild- September 27-October 10

Mid western treats on the market! I will take a break for 4 weeks in October but the Mid West Harvesting Hub can deliver. See below for seasonal offerings.

Seasonal offerings:

From the Mid West harvesting hub:

Shepherds purse, a much-loved vegetable in Chinese cuisine as well as in traditional continental Europe. See this link for details and image below.

Mallow leaves, for the next 4 weeks. Wild harvested, they are juicy and versatile.

Nettle, young shoots for the next 4 weeks. Wild harvested, we can deliver bulk in boxes.

Salsify, coming up now. See video below. We deliver in boxes, both roots and green parts are delicious. See this link for details>

From Sydney metropolitan harvesting hub:

I will take a break from October 9 to November 3. Put your orders in for this and next week for:

Sea mustard flowers (see image below). They are very spicy, and make a great addition to soups or meat dishes.

Mulberries, wild harvested, in punnets.

Robinia flowers, delicious treat for the next two weeks. They taste like sweet peas, look gorgeous as garnish and are so exclusive that you can only get them for two weeks a year! See image below.

The staples:

Lemon Myrtle leaves. In punnets. Fresh leaves, full of flavor, great for infusing or as herbs with fish. 
Wild fennel. Plenty to offer, at the moment sweet and fresh young shoots.
Wood sorrel. The patch where we harvest thanks to Sutherland Council Bush regeneration managers, keeps giving. Available in small amounts only (to allow for sustainable recovery)
Flatweed. Plenty to offer fresh young shoots. Also available in bulk boxes of leaves.
Rambling dock. Plenty to offer fresh young shoots.
Farmers friend. Plenty to offer fresh young shoots.

Harvesting Salsify with Georgie

Robinia flowers.

Robinia pseudo-acacia. Available now and for the next 2 weeks.. Image by StudioNeon

shepherd's purse whole plant.jpg

Shepherd purse, seeds and leaves.
Capsella bursa pastoris
Available now and for the next 3 weeks.

Deborah with a box of nettle and mallow. Deborah is one of the excellent humans that form the Mid West Harvesting Hub, in Kandos/Mudgee area.
Here I am setting up one of the collection points for wild harvested produce that gets then delivered to Sydney’s fine dining kitchens with the Wildfood Store project.

Out here the land is receiving little rain and weeds are the first things to pop up, so we harvest desirable produce and market it to the chefs of the city. The chefs get top level, wild foraged produce and the people on the land get some cash for their effort. Right now diversification and promoting resilience via creating a market around by-products of farming (weeds) is quite important.

The drought is real, and it does not look like is easing much. Deborah harvested this as samples for the chefs from her 400 acres. There is more.

Check and follow @wildfoodstore if you want to be kept informed or if you’d like to buy some.