Hello Lovelies Cordials, wild fennel and peppercorn berries

This is the kind of story we like to collect.
Storie of inventiveness and resourcefulness.
Hello Lovelies Cordials is a small-batch-cordials enterprise made with seasonal quality fruit and vegetables with the odd foraged herb, all local to the Mudgee region.  The (rain)water is courtesy of Mother Nature and a teeny bit of citric acid is added to keep the nasties out – you can find this naturally in citrus fruits.
All of this is the love-work of Rebecca and Jean-Francois who use their experience as winemakers, cooks and sommeliers, to ensure that when you taste one of them, your palate will be entertained. It’s not just a cordial.
In this story Rebecca shares how they use foraged ingredient found in their property and immediate surroundings in their crafty, hand peeled, juiced and pressed cordials.